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What Do Fashion Designers Learn?

There are many things aspiring fashion designers need to know before they can be successful. From learning about fabrics and their properties to paying close attention to consumer behavior, these professionals need to master their craft. The skills they need to create the latest designs include a thorough knowledge of apparel construction and how to modify it. While it is not necessary to take courses in fashion design from the start, it is helpful to know how to use software like Adobe Illustrator.

Once a designer has an idea, he or she develops more specific working patterns. Toile is a rough model of a design created with an inexpensive material such as muslin. It is placed on a mannequin-like dress stand so the designer can see how the material drapes on the human figure. Ultimately, the toile is used to create a final garment. The sketch allows the designer to test a design before it is made into a final product.

Another aspect of fashion design that must be mastered by designers is marketing. It is crucial to know the customers’ tastes and desires in order to produce clothes that sell well. The fashion industry is highly competitive, so understanding business principles is imperative. It is essential to learn how to present your work and create a memorable fashion portfolio. It is important to remember that a small percentage of fashion graduates pursue a Masters degree, but most do not, so learning the basics of marketing and business is a good idea.

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