Tips for buying a nursing scrub

Nurses are some of the essential healthcare professionals in the world. It’s no surprise they also need to look professional while on duty, whether treating patients or just visiting them at home. The perfect nursing scrubs should be comfortable and flattering but also durable enough for repeated washings and able to fit in a large pocketbook without wrinkling up when you sit down.

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Besides this, there are many more things you need to take into account when buying nursing scrubs in Australia. According to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation’s Standing Offer Agreement (SOA601), nurses and midwives must dress according to their professional role, workplace health and safety regulations, and infection control standards. Nurses wear navy blue scrubs in Australia’s public and private hospitals.

Here are a few essential tips you must consider when buying scrubs.

Do you need fitted or loose scrubs?

Fitted scrubs are more comfortable for smaller people, while loose scrubs are more comfortable for larger people. Fitted scrub tops are a little more flattering and can be worn tucked in or out of your bottoms, whereas loose ones generally stick to the body. If you want something that covers your tummy and thighs but still looks stylish, go with a fitted top. Conversely, if you want something easy to layer over sweaters without showing any lumps or bumps, go with a looser fit in your bottoms!

Pockets and storage options

The next important thing to consider is the pockets and storage options. You must ask yourself, how many pockets are you going to need? What types of pockets do you need in your nursing scrubs? Pockets with Velcro, zippers, or a single breast pocket that can hold pens and other small items. When making your selection, make sure the opening size has to be wide enough so that it doesn’t interfere with your work when reaching into the pocket and tall enough so that you don’t have to bend over every time if there is something inside the pocket.

Knowing the care requirements of your new nursing scrub

The most important aspect of caring for your scrubs is washing and drying them correctly. You will have a faded or stained scrub top if you use the wrong water temperature. The same goes for detergent—too much could degrade or even melt your scrubs. After washing and drying, ensure you don’t need to iron or put your scrub top in the dryer (you’ll ruin the elastic). Use fabric softener sparingly as well; it can weaken the material over time.

Choosing the right material

In addition to the colour and design of your new scrubs, you should also consider the material. This will depend on what is most important to you: comfort, durability or breathability. The wrong choices can lead to skin irritation or even rashes on sensitive areas like your neckline, inner arms and wrists — not what you want while working long hours in a hospital setting!

While cotton is soft and durable, it doesn’t breathe well, which could lead to discomfort during the hot summer months. Synthetic materials such as polyester are better suited for this purpose since they don’t absorb moisture from sweat but instead wick it away from your body so that you stay dryer throughout the day (or night). Polyester blend scrubs are often used because they’re comfortable against the skin, but these fabrics don’t hold up well over time.

There are many choices when buying nursing scrubs in Australia. While it’s essential to consider the care requirements of your new scrub, don’t forget storage options, pockets and material types. All these things will help you find the perfect pair of scrubs for your needs!

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