Matter Vs Case Management—What’s The Difference?

At first glance, the difference between matter management and case management system  might seem like splitting hairs. Both are systems for keeping track of your cases, projects and other activities. But digging just a bit deeper reveals some crucial differences between these two terms, which is why we decided to write this blog post.

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What is matter management?

Matter management is a software solution that law firms use to manage client matters, cases, and clients. It’s a great tool at your disposal in law practice because it helps you find all relevant information about clients and cases in one place. For example, you can store this information organised to look up documents or data when needed quickly.

What do you use matter management for?

Matter management is a great tool for tracking all of the critical information related to your customer’s matters. It allows you to see what matters are assigned to specific individuals within your company, their status (open or closed), their due date and any other relevant information such as internal notes or attachments.

This feature also helps ensure that no matter gets lost in the shuffle, as anyone on staff can easily view it anytime. In addition, each person who has access can add custom fields that contain relevant data about individual customers, so everyone knows what needs to be done next!

What is a case management system?

A case management system is software used to track cases and clients. It is also known as case management software. It’s used by lawyers, insurance companies, and healthcare providers. It allows you to manage your cases efficiently to stay on top of your work.

When do you use case management?

Case management is an excellent option for businesses with many cases. With case management, you can easily see the progress of your cases and track them as they move through each stage of their lifecycle.

Case Management is also helpful when using a case-based system to manage clients or projects.

Choosing the right system

The first step to choosing the right system is to figure out what your business needs. A simple case management system might be all you need if you’re a small law firm with just a few attorneys and support staff. However, if you have a large team that handles multiple clients, you may want something more robust to handle all of your workloads in one place.

To sum it up—matter vs. case management

The main difference between matter management and case management is that matter management involves tracking only your files. At the same time, case management involves tracking your files and all of the client information associated with each file.

Matter Management is simpler than Case Management because it requires fewer data to be entered. For example, you can use Matter Management to run multiple clients under one account without multiple licensing fees.

There’s no denying that case management and matter management systems have their place in today’s legal environment. But, when it comes down to it, which is better? Well, it depends on your needs and where you are in your business development.

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into both options and that now you can make an informed choice by deciding which one works best for you.

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