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Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

A question that plagues many people is: Is type two diabetes reversible? The answer to this question may be surprising. Studies have found that as much as 40 percent of patients with type 2 diabetes can reverse their condition through diet and exercise. However, the vast majority of type 2 diabetes patients struggle to reverse the disease on their own, and have to rely on medication. Many of these people also suffer from insulin resistance, a condition that is caused by being overweight.

A recent study at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom shows that the disease can be reversed. While it is not entirely reversible, it can be managed to the point that a person’s blood sugar levels remain normal without the use of medications. Despite this, diabetes must be monitored and treated regularly to prevent complications. A diet rich in vegetables, exercise, and weight management are effective in controlling symptoms. However, reversing the disease may take more aggressive measures to achieve this.

The process of remission is a critical step in managing type 2 diabetes. In diabetes remission, symptoms disappear but the underlying disease is suppressed. However, if remission strategies are stopped, the patient can become symptomatic again. Despite this success, there is no definite cure for type 2 diabetes and it is possible for it to return to its symptoms. If you fail to follow this plan, it may be impossible to reverse it permanently.

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