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iPad Apps For Kids in French

There are numerous iPad apps for learning French, but few stand out above the rest. IDELLO Family is one such app, which aggregates 14,000+ vetted resources in the language. With its wide variety of books, games, and videos, IDELLO is sure to appeal to any child’s interest. Whether they are learning to speak French, or just want to keep up with their friends, they will find something on this app to meet their needs.

If you want a more comprehensive language learning experience, FunEasyLearn is the way to go. It teaches over 6000 words and phrases per language. Designed for older students, this app is not for toddlers, but offers a child-friendly interface. If you are teaching French, you can even teach kids English, Spanish, and Italian, all in one app.

Storybook App features a series of e-books in the target language. Interactive exercises help kids develop their fluency and vocabulary. The stories used are widely known and are easy to follow. The app’s colorful interface, fun sound effects, and friendly user interface make it easy to navigate. Moreover, children can tap on pictures that represent objects in the target language. The app also offers a quiz for gauging the child’s knowledge.

Gus on the Go is another great app for learning French. This app is popular with teachers and parents alike. Gus the owl brings fun activities and animations that help kids learn French vocabulary. Gus on the Go is available for iPad, Android, and Kindle devices. You can even download the iOS version to your child’s phone. The apps provide an introduction to the French language, as well as a variety of other essential tools for learning it.

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