Do You Need to Visit Your Virtual Child?

The Internet has revolutionised practically every facet of modern life, yet it has also facilitated significant improvements in many areas. This is the case for many separated families, especially those in which one or both parents does not have regular access to the child or children. Virtual visitation can give the interaction that both parents and children need to keep in touch and deepen their bond when in-person visitation is not possible. Continue till the end to learn more.

The Value of a Video Conference

With a virtual visit, you can reap the many benefits, such as:

  • It’s possible to adjust the timetable. When one parent has a fluctuating work schedule or when a child has several extracurricular commitments, it can be challenging to establish regular, in-person visiting schedules. The convenience of virtual visitation makes it possible for parents to spend more time with their kids.
  • It’s less of a hassle when mom and dad are located in different cities. While in-person visitation with both parents present is ideal, it isn’t always feasible when one or both parents are residing in a separate state due to a divorce. If a parent is unable to spend time with their child between visits, virtual visitation allows them to keep in touch and maintain the parent-child bond.
  • Permits direct interaction between parties. Tools like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and others facilitate communication between parents and their offspring. Video calls may be more interesting and entertaining for kids than regular phone calls, which might be uncomfortable or dull for them.
  • Possible rise when kid becomes older. A child’s use of electronic media and the prospect of having their own smartphone are both likely to increase with the passage of time. If kids are used to communicating with the other parent through video conference, they may be able to do so more regularly after they are allowed more autonomy.
  • Facilitates face-to-face interaction. Virtual visitation could be helpful even if you have some in-person visits.

Virtual visits can be especially useful in a few scenarios. Those things are:

  • Distance between parents prevents frequent in-person contact.
  • The child has many after-school activities that keep them occupied and minimise their time with the other parent. Custody exchanges only occurs once a week.
  • Because of their jobs, non-custodial parents often have to travel long distances to see their kids.
  • Because of epidemics and other health issues, personal visits are not always possible.

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